FLURO-Part Number


Sealing for Rod End Bearings
Rod End Bearings - K Series with seal
NBR-Elastomer, temperature resistant from -30° to +120° C or -22° to +248° Fahrenheit, resistant to mineral oils, grease, petrol
Rubber Protector Caps made from Neoprene
Resistant to environmental influences, grease, saltwater, chemical components and other substances. Temperature resistant from -20° to +120° Celsius or -4° to +248° Fahrenheit. Can be completely filled with grease. Mounted easily with Seeger retaining pliers.
Washer Seals. Rubber Seals vulcanized to stainless steel washer rings. Prevents dirt entering the mating surface. Easily mounted. Temperature resistant up to +110° Celsius or +230° Fahrenheit. RELS